Pedagogy (V)

Clare Louise Harmon

[Redacted] plays automatic   saw-toothed
forward and back
her elbow   sufficiently   low      
and wrist      supple.
Right pinky      
tap      tap tapping
the screw      
lest bow control      go
to hell
in a happy      handbag.

[Redacted] plays automatic
saw-toothed      forward      back
elbow down      with weight
of a body      all up
in the finger
just as       [Redacted]       just as
he taught her.      
I know       you are
just girl      but still
you have      a little      power.

[Redacted] teaches
automatic:      Play       
saw-toothed      forward
back.      She demonstrates            Look
she demonstrates      are you looking?
See      how my weight
is channeled      She demonstrates      
here       into my

Just as [Redacted]
just as he      taught her
she demonstrates      I know you are
just eight      she demonstrates
but still      still      
you have      a little
power      eh?
She demonstrates      
just as [Redacted]       just as he
taught her      touching
and ever so slight.

Clare Louise Harmon is the author of THE THINGBODY (Instar Books 2015) and the chapbook, IF WISHES WERE HORSES THE POOR WOULD RIDE (Finishing Line Press 2016). Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Sixth Finch, The Feminist Wire, PANK, Quaint, Tammy, and The Stockholm Review of Literature, among others. Prior to her poet-life, she taught violin, viola, and chamber music at Drake University. Currently, she lives and writes in New Orleans in Alex Chilton’s former apartment in Treme. more at