3 Poems

Erin Taylor

i would like to sink into this couch until i cannot feel my muscles
convulsing & i would stop shaking & only be a pillow
for people to kiss on.

you call me sobbing over a man that touched you when you were
twelve & i told you i wish i could have protected you:
i am always too late or not at all.

flowers bloomed today, babies were born,
universes were possibly formed
& my taxi driver offered me a cigarette in traffic.

Erin Taylor is a human being with emotions. She is never where she should be. She has a chapbook of poetry OOOO (Bottlecap Press). Her emotions have appeared at Wu-Wei Fashion Mag, Words Dance, Reality Beach, & more. Her emotions are forthcoming, in both publications and at amarettoandslayin.tumblr.com