Fisayo Adeyeye

You can call it a dream
if you want, if it makes you feel better
to peel paint off the walls / gently lower
pieces into your mouth / Rainbow smile
in the oil slick on the driveway / kids playing
eviction / In summer these dollar bills
melted on our chests, and peppered mango
made our lips / bleed red / When you told me
how this could feel / a Big Gulp cup full
of bullets / your tongue wet / against
the cigarette paper / I twisted in pleasure,
until the whole of my chest turned,
every possible color / It was always so hard
to sleep in the city / I never knew
what it meant if I didn’t tremble, and you
didn’t tremble / and neither of us trembled.

Fisayo Adeyeye is an MFA candidate at SFSU, and has had works published by Little River, Potluck Magazine, and Have U Seen My Whale. You can find him at tinybluewhales@gmail.com.