3 Poems by Stacey Teague

Stacey Teague

“i’m not into giving a hard-on to men that don’t make me dream” - virginie despentes

you had a vision / a house with two doorways / the young moon on its back / dreamer of dreams / a sign of bad weather / the body is tired / from nothing / to cause someone to dream of you / makes you powerful / there’s a dreamy sound / a sobbing sound / do not pine / lie down inside / where you had forgotten your dream

“words aren’t sad enough music isn’t sad enough” - barr

i spend all day in my room / words start to feel malleable / grow like vines / are you aware of feeling at sea? / the imagery changes / the scenery stays the same / the colour wheel in your head / dream loss in my baby doll dress / there are no stars here / only cracks in the sky / i read your blog / i keep leaning in

“how many out-of-character things did i need to do, i wondered, before the world rearranged itself around me?” - ben lerner, 10:04

i’m tired of thinking of myself / i want a mountain of my own / look heavenwards / lightning flashes / the side collapses / the bush wren calls out / the land locked / the mythical creature / the female olive-brown / the male being dull / you wolf-whistle at the sky / it is out-of-character / so the world is pulled out / beneath you like a table cloth / nothing is so neat as an / ending

Stacey is a NZ writer living in Sydney, Australia. She has a poetry collection called Takahē (Scrambler Books, 2014), and can be found online at staceyteague.tumblr.com.