Sometimes a metaphor is worth dying for by Mallory Smart

Mallory Smart

Sometimes a metaphor is worth dying for

i woke up to prove
my love today

sometimes I pull my shirt over my head 
and run around the apartment 
like a strange heartsick dinosaur

sometimes I dont

i read a poem once 
that compared love
to extinction

compared it
to space

its funny
how the mind can feel so implosive
and awesome
all at once

like the heart 
can be a dead forest 
with tree lines, shrubs
and 100 red balloons i blew for you

I am lost beneath the red balloons
Buried and dead
and thats ok 

everybody dies sometime
and to die blowing balloons 
now filled with my dead breath for you
seems pretty poetic

take a balloon to see the mountains,
and the ocean 

hide it beneath your shirt 
and tuck your arms in like a dinosaur heartsick in valor

poke a hole in the side and smile 
like my breath was just released over 
everything i loved
and I am now dead beneath 99 red balloons…

Mallory Smart is a poet from Chicago, Illinois. Her book I’m AntiSocial, Coffee Never Lies is available now from Bottlecap Press. Snapchat/Twitter: @malsmart