2 Poems by Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas

from The Beauty of Admission

In my dream death crawled out my mouth like a spider

I’m always spilling water when I try to make my tea

This is how I relax/Breathe in through the nose

Hold for seven seconds

Release for eight

from The Beauty of Admission

Anyone can predict the future although they’re not necessarily accurate

I’ll probably be alive tomorrow & that’s good enough to get out of bed today

How many bees have died today?/Scratch that

How many hives?

Sometimes I still eat my boogers/I’ve read

they might be good for you

Joe Nicholas (AKA Dirty 4 String Orchestra) is a canary breeder and author of Street Monk (Bottlecap Press 2015). Their work can be found or is forthcoming in alien mouth, Be About It, Fog Machine, Reality Beach, Souvenir Lit and other wonderful publications. They can be found at 8rainCh1ld.tk.