1 Poem by Luis Neer

Luis Neer

since the turn, i have been making ready to move on

the ground & my teeth being brittle

when i sense i am coordinating i punch myself in the stupid face

& cannot master anything, even helplessness

if you read this poem out loud i will crumple like a galaxy

& ascend to your zone & you were somehow expecting

it’s been a long year clawing at my throat

there was an inchworm on my kneecap escaping from somewhere

i learned that i am a neuron

have got to drink water & share with the plant

& light candles & kiss things

& keep trying to calculate the sum of my damage

there are no symbols

all things are simple until they are not

Luis Neer is the 17 yr old author of This is a Room Where You Wait for New Language (Ghost City Press, 2015) and BECOME DEATH or Atomic Rain on the Shoulders of Atlas (Maudlin House, 2016). He lives in West Virginia. Find him on tumblr and twitter.