2 Poems by Zachary Cosby

Zachary Cosby


I need a whole year to blush

you barely brush my arm

sunlight slipping through a coat

a face glows itself bottomless

I thought you were somebody else

he frowns I feel it in my spine

like slow breathing before a fire

when I close my eyes I am elsewhere


once you bruised the season

your hand your chest sluggish

we do nothing this house drifts like wind

small bells speak the language of eardrums

my envy auctioned off to strangers

inwardness it wants to eat me

a body a melody a stream

less and less I tried to think

falling into bed every night

Zachary Cosby is a designer and bookseller in Portland, Oregon. Cave, his second chapbook, was published by Bottlecap Press in 2015.